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Automotive Restoration

Soda blasting everything from individual car parts to to full vehicles so that you can get busy restoring it to new.

Aqua Magic’s soda blasting method strips off paint, undercoatings, grease, rust and even Bondo leaving a smooth and texture-free finish. Soda blasting is so delicate that chrome, plastic, rubber and other components can be left on the vehicle when blasting. Using Sodablasting allows paint, grease and undercoatings to be removed without breaking the surface tension of the metal. Paint can even be taken off a layer at a time and Bondo can be left on or removed depending on the blasting techniques employed. Soda Blasting is the best way to remove automotive paint from old vehicles and can be used on fiberglass, aluminum, steel, lead and Bondo in order to restore your vehicle to its original bare condition.

One of our favourite projects at Aqua Magic has been the restoration of the very first Ferrari GT308 car ever produced by Ferrari. Aqua Magic was responsible for soda blasting the car back to it’s original bare state in order to be restored back to it’s original glory.

Aqua Magic can also:
  • Soda blast old paint from your facility and equipment
  • Repaint your commercial or industrial facility and equipment
  • Paint safety lines on your facility floor

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