Boat Bottoms

Our boat hull soda blasting service will quickly and safely remove anti-fouling paint.

After a few years, the paint thickness on your boat's bottom builds up to where it needs to be stripped back to the bare hull to start from scratch. Soda-blasting is a safe way to remove anti-fouling paint from boat hulls without destroying the aluminum, wood, steel or fiberglass finish. It's considered by the pros to be the best method of anti-fouling paint removal. We can gently remove algae from your hull without damaging the paint, or remove stubborn varnish from antique wooden boats. No harmful chemical strippers are used, and it will not damage the seals. We'll leave you with an even finish upon which to apply the new coating.

Our boat hull soda blasting service is a fast and environmentally friendly method of anti-fouling paint removal. It will extend coating life and help to maintain the integrity of your hull while improving performance in speed for sailing and motor craft with lower fuel cost.

Aqua Magic can also:
  • Pressure wash your dock
  • Power wash the exterior of your home or cottage
  • Power wash your stone, tile, brick walkway and driveway

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