Construction Sites

New construction is dirty business.

Whether it's a new home, a new plant, manufacturing facility or a new storefront business, you'll need it sparkling clean before you hand over the keys to the new tenants.

Aqua magic can power wash or soda blast the construction debris from new homes, as well as commercial and industrial businesses. From mortar slop on brick, to driveways and walkways full of much and debris, we clean any surface that needs a final clean before the new owners move in.

We are fully equipped to remove efflorescence “whiskers”, the crystalline deposit that's whitish in appearance, on surfaces such as masonry, stucco or concrete.

Our professional industrial painters are also fully prepped to prime, paint and coat everything from small local businesses to large scale manufacturing operations.

Aqua Magic can also:
  • Paint industrial safety lines
  • Clean parking lots and repaint parking lines
  • Powerwash interiors of plants, shops, and manufacturing facilities
  • Repaind and recoat interiors
  • New construction priming and painting

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