Soda Blasting

Aqua Magic is a full-service mobile soda blasting company.

We restore wood, metal and concrete to new condition with an approach a little different. We are multi-media blasters. We use a variety of environmentally friendly blasting medias including baking soda, sand, glass beads, walnut shells or dry ice tailored to the specific needs of your project. Each media has its uses and we often use a combination to achieve the best results.

Our technicians are precision experts who can both clean the white from a pop can and leave the red behind, or blast off 7 layers of paint on concrete in one pass. Our soda blasting method is perfect for brick, concrete, wood, asphalt, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, glass, chrome, steel, Bondo, lead, and more. We'll meet you on site to assess your needs and then recommend the best course of action.

Your surfaces will be restored to their original condition guaranteed. If we can't clean it you need a new one.

Portable Soda Blasting Services:

  • Graffiti, mold, paint and rust removal
  • Industrial equipment maintenance and painting
  • Food processing plant equipment cleaning and painting
  • Log home blasting
  • Masonry and concrete cleaning and restoration
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration and sealing
  • Memorial and grave marker cleaning
  • Automotive and auto part restoration
  • Boat anti-fouling paint removal
  • Tar removal
  • Swimming pools

Why Soda Blasting?

  • Cost efficient compared to other stripping methods
  • Selectively remove individual coats and layers
  • No pitting or warping
  • Water soluble and environmentally friendly
  • Works quickly
  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • No pre-washing or masking (generally)
  • No size limitations

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